Secrets of the Mist Stalker is a D&D 4th Edition campaign set in the world of Eberron, roughly four years after the Day of Mourning. The party is a group of adventurers, all linked (directly or indirectly) to the same location on the Day of Mourning 4 years ago. Recently, they have been drawn back together by various events, and they currently find themselves traveling to Sharn on the airship “Possibilities”.

The party consists of:

Adventure Log:

In the first adventure, Goblin’s Troubles, (run as a tutorial for both me and my players) the party stumbled across a tense situation between a small mining town, and the local goblin tribe. Through some clever investigation, and tenacious fighting, they uncovered an exiled goblin, mad with thoughts of vengeance, plotting to destroy both the village and the goblin tribe.

The second adventure, The Mark of Prophecy, has been completed. The party managed to thwart the destructive plans of Aric Blacktree. Unfortunately, he was able to escape and is still at large. Their actions earned them the gratitude of several noble families in Sharn, as well as the renewed thanks of Major Bren ir’Gadden.

The third adventure Seekers of the Ashen Crown, is officially under way. Hired to look into a kruthik outbreak in the Cogs below Sharn, the party discovers that a group of goblins have breached an ancient, undiscovered tomb, accidentally releasing a kruthik hive on the surrounding area. Exploring the tomb, they clear it of danger, eventually including the kruthik hive which has burrowed into it. Returning with a selection of eggs, having discovered that some of the kruthiks in this hive have developed the ability to fly, they approach a biologist at Morgrave University. He directs them to Professor Gydd Nephret, a historian who specializes in the ancient goblin empire.

The party (now with a few different, ret-conned members) has been given a mission by the King’s Citadel to aid a goblin tribe, the Kech Volaar or “Wordbearers”, in recovering the pieces of an ancient goblin artifact, the Ashen Crown.

Secrets of the Mist Stalker

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