Secrets of the Mist Stalker

Session 2: Goblin's Troubles (Cont'd)

Goblins’ Troubles (Cont’d)

This session brought the conclusion of Goblin’s Troubles. The final encounter was more difficult than I had anticipated, partly because of the addition of the surviving Goblin Wolf Rider from the mine encounter last week, but the party was victorious with no softening of things on my part.

A Sticky Thicket

Having found the problems at the mine, the characters catch their breath for a few minutes before following the escaped goblin wolf rider, and a suspicious trail toward the nearby swamps. Upon arriving at the scene of the next encounter, the entire party spots a group of goblin cutters, attempting to hide behind some trees, and combat ensues.

A pair of moving plants and the goblin wolf rider, somewhat recovered from the earlier fight quickly join the fray, as well as a pair of zombie goblin archers. A few moments later, the goblin hexer emerges from his hut, hidden in the trunk of a massive tree, sending three decrepit goblin skeletons out to attack Thoram, while moving in to attack Tara Thornbrooke.

Soon bloodied, the goblin hexer attempts to flee, only to be chased down by Thoram and Tara while Three, Chase, Padfoot, and Kiera fight for their lives against his minions and lackies. Through the entire fight, the only characters who don’t go down at least briefly are Padfoot and Kiera, with the others being rescued by various other party members. This was a very tough fight. (Probably too tough according to the difficulty guidelines.)

Investigating the goblin hexer’s hut, the party discovers the missing villager, as well as a bundle of papers containing the goblin’s irrational, ranting screed. The papers include a long list of slights and wrongs, real or imagined, that have been inflicted by his former tribe and the people of Drake’s Landing. They also include his plans for revenge.

Diplomatic Issues

Returning to Drake’s Landing the party discovers that something else has gone horribly wrong. A delegation from the goblin tribe has arrived, and has been escorted to the village by Boontah and Urk in an attempt to explain what is going on. Unfortunately, the mayor of Drake’s Landing despises and distrusts goblins, so he and his friends have pinned the goblins behind some rocks and bushes with crossbow fire.

Some quick thinking, and fast talking brings support from the villagers, and convinces the mayor’s friends to stop shooting, if not actually stand down. Unfortunately, by that time the goblin elder is too scared to come out to talk, but the combined presence of Thoram and Three facing down the mayor and his friends in defense of the goblins convinces them that discretion is the better part of valor, and things are quickly disarmed.

Meanwhile, Kiera has gone off to take the formerly missing villager back to his child, who is sick with a fever. Fortunately, the party had stopped to get the needed herbs, so it is a simple matter to make the curative broth. Unfortunately, no one can figure out what is wrong with the recovered villager, so his condition goes undiagnosed. Things will be interesting the next time the party visits Drake’s Landing. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)


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