Secrets of the Mist Stalker

Session 3: The Mark of Prophecy

The Mark of Prophecy

The Mark of Prophecy is the 1st level adventure from the back of the D&D 4th Edition Eberron Campaign Setting book. I’m using it as the first real adventure in order to help get a feel for the setting, and to learn what sort of danger level is considered ‘normal’ within the D&D 4e system. (The final battle in Goblin’s Troubles was nearly a TPK , and I don’t want to unintentionally repeat that.

The Horrors of the Tower

The party finds themselves, individually, or in groups of two, sent to investigate a ruined tower near the border of Cyre on a fateful day. Battling through a small swarm or Kruthik hatchlingss, and a couple of Dolgrim Warriors, they discover and rescue Bren ir’Gadden, and Aric Blacktree from their attackers.


Preparing to return to their respective ‘homes’, the party prepares to leave the tower, only to discover that a new force, a group of Emerald Claw agents and their zombie minions, have also been sent to the tower for some purpose. Quickly engaging in combat, the party makes short work of the minions, though Chase spends most of the battle totally inept, yet remarkably lucky at the same time. (I rolled four 3’s for his attacks in a 6-round combat, and it took until the 5th round before he was hit for any real damage.)

While the battle at the tower rages on, the fire and mists of the Mourning roll across Cyre, leaving nothing living in its wake. After a short, panicked discussion, trying to figure out what had happened, the party breaks up, heading back to discover the fate of their own people.

That’s where the session ended for the night. There would have been enough time for a third encounter, but one player had to leave a bit early. The next session will pick up four years, to the day, from the Day of Mourning, with the party having recently arrived in Sharn, where they will be attending a memorial service, invited by Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden himself.


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