The Airship “Possibilities”

Small, but nimble, even for its size, the Possibilities is commonly thought of as the personal vessel of Chase Stradivarius,

As builders of fine, custom crafted airships, the Stradivarius family is well known for the quality of their work, but the location of their shipyards is a closely guarded secret.


I went searching for an airship deck plan to give the players a sense of where they’re characters would be ‘living’ most of the time, and found this:

I didn’t realize until I was setting up this particular page that the source was actually another campaign here on Obisidian Portal, but I want to be sure to give credit where credit is due, because this is an amazing map. (I even had it blown up and printed as a full-scale minis map in case we ever need to stage an encounter on board.)


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